Happy Dogs

The guests are so cute, they were all running around this morning with big smiles on their faces. Brian was wondering if Skittles may like to stay here permanently, haha – Roger and Skittles love to play together and Roger is a very serious boy who hardly ever plays with dogs. Skittles is his favourite. Gus, Skittles and Dude all run around together, sniffing and playing. It was hard to get Willa out yesterday, she was not impressed when she had to go for a walk, it wasn’t raining, but wasn’t very nice out. Today is nicer, so far.

Here’s a funny story about trying to be tech savy! We have Sonos Speakers, which now have Alexa. Well, we obviously need lessons on how to use Alexa! We can’t get her to play music half the time, but she is good on grocery lists. So yesterday when Brian saw we were low on ketchup, he said “Alexa, order ketchup” – when he should have said “Alexa, add ketchup to the grocery list”…we now have Heinz Ketchup coming in the mail from Amazon! Fortunately we are Prime Members, so no shipping is involved. I tried to cancel it but Alexa was having none of that. Old Farts trying to keep current!! LOL.

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Slimy, Slippery Spring Day

And the blog is late, just to add to the joys of this day! My computer decided to be temperamental. It rained a lot today, yet there were times when the rain stopped, so everyone could get out. Gus didn’t mind the weather, I saw him out having a snow bath early this morning, scooting his face all through the snow and rolling. Willa, who just arrived today, she wasn’t having anything to do with the outside, unless absolutely necessary. Dude and Skittles were okay with the rain, Skittles wasn’t sure about getting dried off, that towel looked a bit scary to him, so he just shot through the towel station and into the living room. He wasn’t that wet, but we like to keep our guests in good form.

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Sunny For First Day of Spring

Who knows how long it will last for, but sure looks nice now. I have been at the Motel working on upgrades, so I haven’t spent much time with the dogs. Brian has been dog sitting, he put his back out a few days ago. Dogs seem to be managing fine with one dog den parent.  Yesterday at nap time seems a lot of them took over the furniture.

This morning Roger and Skittles were having a great time. Gus would join in now and then, The Dude was far above romping with those two silly billies.  Some dogs across the river had the nerve to go for a walk along the river bank & set off all our dogs on a big barkathon. Deezer was particularly annoyed and Dude was heartily backing him up. Gus is helping me write the blog, he doesn’t think he has enough photo ops today – too many of that Roger & Skittles!


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There’s A Chocolate on My Chair

I have been away during the day & Brian is Den Parenting solo, I think maybe my buddy Angus misses me, he keeps stealing my chair. Last night I couldn’t find him in the dark, had to turn the light on to see him, he blends in & this is a new trick, he generally steals Dyna’s couch!

Roger & Skittles have become best friends, so nice because Roger doesn’t play much, warms my heart to see him having fun, but seriously- who would not just love this guy, Skittles, just so cute.

Then there is “The Dude” so aptly name! He is still making me laugh with all his “dude” moves. Gus, Dude & Skittles all love playing together, they romp around the yard with big smiles on their faces.

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What a Cute Group Of Guys!

Dude, Skittles & Gus, what a lovely lot. They are just about as cute as can be allowed! Skittles is 5, but looks like a ‘ forever puppy’, check him out.

Then Dude & Angus are both confident & expect to enjoy their Vacation, with proper amenities & entertainment- they think the meals are rather similar to home…lol. All dogs are having a great time & getting along well with their new buddies.Daisy, in for a day.

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Changing of The Guard

Big change day yesterday, dogs arriving others leaving. Today Daisy popped in for a romp with Deezer & Gus, Skittles arrives shortly. Blondie got here yesterday, she is rather shy, but Brian won her over with ear scratches. Gus moved in, went into the bedroom and right up onto our bed, we had to have a discussion about that. He is rather disappointed, he hasn’t been able to knit yet. Today I have to clean the studio up, so maybe he will get a chance to paint later, or at least hang out and enjoy the ‘artistic vibe’ of the studio. The Dude is just hilarious, he really is “Dude The Dog” he struts around, is super active, very polite and can worm his way in for pets & ear scratches like nobody’s business. He knows how to work the room! Everyone likes him.

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Wasn’t That A Party!

A dog deck party. We had a dog sitter yesterday, as we had to go to Salmo. When we came home the dogs were all very excited to see us and decided they all needed to group around us on the deck. That deck isn’t that big for us and all the dogs, it got pretty crowded. Dude arrived today and fit right in.

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